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Gettin' with the program!! Even if you already have the DJ Girl 6 Callin' and Merc Mixes be sure to subscribe to DJ Girl 6's new podcast either via Itunes or via Podcast so you can be the first to get all the new mixes without looking for tweets or facebook posts!  If neither of those float your boat there's still my Soundcloud and Mixcrate accounts that still have hidden treasures from time to time. Click on the "subscribe with itunes button" on the right of my podcast and you will be the FIRST to know when a new mix is out. Take a min and check it out! Subscribe with iTunes!  
July 26, 2011 Posted by djgirl6 in Blog

DJ Girl 6 Launches Her Band Page on Facebook Finally!!!

Dj Girl 6's new Band Page Player

Dj Girl 6's New Band Page Player

Another much needed improvement to DJ Girl 6's Facebook page! Girl 6 just added a Band Page and player which features mixes, video tabs at the bottom, twitter feed, photos and more.  Please take a minute to explore all the new bells and whistles of this new toy! We have also added some new apps along the left hand side of the page.  Take a minute to see what they do!  If you have some Facebook apps you are in love with, please let us know what they are.  With all these new features, mixes, videos, calendar updates and more. . . THAT's a page worth "liking!" Big thanks to the boys at