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Chateau Nightclub w/Girl 6 and Hollywood

Welcome to the multi-purpose party!  Its the Hair of the Dog, Hangover and B-Day parties for both DJ Girl 6 & DJ Hollywood! Phew!  That was a mouthful!  See you at the Paris Hotel's Chateau Nightclub on  January 1, 2014 with a mouthful. . . of vodka!!!

Party Like the Swiss!

January 11, 2014 we will be celebrating my second B-Day party by DJing at the Backstage in St. Gallen Switzerland!  Two parties for dual citizens that's what's up!  Show support but uploading the banner to your facebook page by clicking here.

Newsletter with Free USBs, Music and More!

I finally finished my newsletter!  Take a minute to catch up on the latest mixes, shows and free stuff!  Click here for: A free 6 pack of swag including a custom USB necklace.  Don't forget my US & Euro B-Day parties!  Details below.  The Bad Babysitter mixtape download and sneak peek pics from my shoot with celebrity photographer Danielle DeFoe and more and waiting inside!  

Bad Babysitter Mix! DJ Girl 6 Feat. DJ Dini!

DJ Girl 6 is a Bad Babysitter! Listen to the comedic movie quotes, quick cuts and witty word play of her best mix to date.


Dj Girl 6 Featured at Gallery Nightclub August 29, 2013!

Prepare yourself for the epic return of Dj Girl 6 to Gallery Nightclub this Thursday August 29th -We'll be doin' the Miley Cyrus (Ying Yang version) and drinkin more booze than the The Rolling Stones did uhhh. . .well, you know.